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    International Best Practices in Child Welfare and Social Work Education


With nearly 30 years’ experience in child welfare practice and academia, I will inspire your social services organization or academic institution to bring fresh and innovative thinking to your agency or classroom setting.











Dr. Katharine Dill

I am not just another PhD. I am a practitioner, researcher, leader and compassionate-change agent. I care about people, their needs and how to overcome challenges to create stories of success. I channel my social work skills into my academic perspective through an ethical, reflective and values-oriented approach. My practice background informs my thinking, teaching, practice and leadership skills. In a career spanning nearly three decades, I have been a front-line social worker, trainer, project manager and organizational leader. Over the course of my diverse career, I have cultivated expertise in evidence-informed practice, human services leadership and unique facets of social work education.  I founded a knowledge mobilization organization for child welfare practice: (Practice and Research Together; www.partcanada.org) and taught social work in a high level U.K. university, Northern Ireland for 2.5 years (Queen’s University Belfast). Building upon my unique practice and educational background, I am now implementing a progressive field education program at Trent University in Canada by focusing on the development of strong community partnerships and innovative training initiatives for field educators. How can I help you? Do you want to move an idea into practice within your organization, but do not know where to start? Does your organization’s supervisors or leaders require individual coaching or mentoring to navigate professional challenges? Are you a dean or director of social work, and require someone to write curricula or teach a course, whether be on-line or in person? I have the educational foundation in social work, emotional intelligence and dedication to transform your organizational or educational challenges into transformative opportunities. To learn more about me, please click on the link here to find out more about my unique skills and abilities: https://youtu.be/1V2IJP088uI

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“Dr. Katharine Dill is an innovator in creating, building and sustaining a system to inform evidence based practice in child welfare. Dr. Dill’s depth of knowledge as well as her skill and enthusiasm for combining practice and research in a day-to-day partnership has provided the General Authority, our agencies, front line staff and foster parents with current, practice-oriented research to inform their work with children and families. Her visits to our organization were eagerly anticipated as her passion for both research and practice is infectious.” 

Jay Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer, General Child and Family Services Authority, Winnipeg, Manitoba


No matter the size of your group, organization or academic institution, I can work on-site or via Skype to design, build and implement dynamic new programs, curricula and educational opportunities. My skills include: 1) coaching and mentoring social work supervisors; 2) educating students in the classroom or on-line; and 3) creating new social services programs that are cost-effective and evidence-informed, and stand the test of time. I engage in all activities with caring, compassion and years of practice wisdom. I can make myself available for any and all services listed below:

  1. Social Work Education Informed by Social Work Practice

  • SOCIAL WORK Course Development: I can support your school or faculty in designing curricula, reviewing strategies for effective and fair assessment of students, and creating inspiring and thought-provoking courses that can be deployed in the classroom or on-line.
  • SOCIAL WORK Teaching: I am available to teach courses at the BSW, MSW or PhD level, either in person or on-line. My teaching is guided by international best practice and through engaging student feedback from start to finish.


  1. Organizational Development: Engaging Social Work Principles to Create Trans-formative Change

  • PROGRAM DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION: I can aid your organization in designing programs that are evidence-informed, take into account your organizational culture and include key stakeholders. My commitment to an empowering, inclusive and compassionate design and implementation strategy will move your organization towards excellence.
  • PROGRAM EVALUATION: I can help you appraise your programs by designing a simple on-line survey, conducting focus groups or generating a full-scale outcomes-focused evaluation. No project is too big or too small.


  1. Coaching and Mentoring: Empowering People with Compassion and Support

  • LEADERSHIP COACHING: I am available to conduct individual coaching, leadership training that focuses on the empowerment of the individual and tailored to the needs of the organization.
  • SUPERVISORY COACHING: Similar to the leadership coaching, I can tailor individual or group support for social work supervisors. This coaching is based on my practice and research wisdom in the area of social work supervision.










“I just wanted to say I enjoyed your class and teaching style at the faculty”

Zeenat A. 

Former M.S.W. student, Factor-Inwentash, Faculty of Social Work.


Social work is a difficult degree and Katharine provided a solid form of support both in the classroom and on placement. Katharine brings social work practice out of textbooks and into a real life context that can help to get a real insight into the profession. Katharine is a very modern and insightful thinker. She encourages active participation during lectures and makes lectures a lot more engaging and interesting but does not overwhelm students with a lot of information, instead providing a great foundation for further learning.

Kerry F. 

Former Student, School of Social Work and Social Policy, Queen’s University Belfast


Social work is an emotionally charged pathway. I was initially anxious about starting knowing the other commitments I had in my life. I still remember the first lecture with Katharine, and I thought to myself “You are gonna be ok”.
Katharine classes gave me the boast I needed to keep going, she wasn’t only interested in giving a lecture and packing up, she was personally invested and showed how much she cared with her little tips and advice along the way. Her teaching style has been a breath of fresh air.Her advice “Be kind to yourself” is now my life motto and has been the most amazing thing for me and changed many aspect of my life both personally and professionally. Katharine has well and truly inspired me to be the best social worker I can be whilst always looking after myself.

Coumilah M. 

Former Student, School of Social Work and Social Policy, Queen’s University Belfast



“During her time at Queen’s University Belfast Dr Katharine Dill demonstrated her high level of ability as a social work educator and researcher. Katharine’s approach to teaching was consistently positive, engaging and participative. She managed to introduce complex changes to course content, structure and delivery that have improved the quality of social work education at Queen’s. Katharine was also able to work across disciplines and organisations to implement changes that we continue to benefit from. She manages to combine a very accessible and caring style with excellent skills, knowledge and experience”.

Gavin Davidson, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Social Work
School of Sociology,
Social Policy and Social Work
Queen’s University Belfast


“Katharine is innovative, committed and knowledgeable about her subject area and about evidence informing practice.  I have worked with Katharine on several academic and research informed projects (conference presentations, groupwork, research design and evaluation) I can attest to her drive which know no bounds. Katharine is an enthusiastic collaborator who brings a dynamic energy into all areas of her work.”

Dr Joanne Westwood

Head of Social Work, School of Social Sciences, Stirling University, Glasgow, Scotland




“Dr. Dill has the experience and expertise to provide excellent consultation in research, practice, training and organizational dynamics within human services.  And she has the people skills to work productively within challenging environments. I recommend her highly.”

Dr. Robert MacFadden

Retired Professor and Acting Director, Continuing Education, Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto


“I always feel inspired and excited after talking with Katharine, because she is always open and enthusiastic about your ideas. However, she is also incredible with the follow through, and will help complete your ideas and bring them to fruition. In summary, it was a pleasure working with Katharine, because she makes it fun and easy to work with her. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it work!”

Michael Cheng

Co-Founder at eMentalHealth.ca


“Katharine raises the threshold of creativity! Innovative thinking means nothing without a corresponding action plan and Katharine provides a parallel journey for those with whom she works. During her tenure at PART, Katharine introduced evidence informed practice to the Ontario child welfare sector with innovation, enthusiasm and a clear strategy for sustaining EIP for 8,000 child welfare employees across the province.”

Jennifer Wilson, MSW

Executive Director, Kawartha Haliburton Children’s Aid Society










Katharine Dill